Here are the tweets the Indian Government censored during the pandemic

The tweets Twitter blocked. Inexplicable, since several images have been published in mainstream media, reproduced and shared across multiple platforms. Censorship by the government or by pliant social media platforms won’t make these images, or the reality they depict, go away.

They’ve been compiled here and posted on Twitter too:

Sharing for the record.

Published on April 29, 2021

On April 22 and 23, the Indian Government ordered Twitter to block tweets relating to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. To my knowledge, no media house has compiled and reproduced all such tweets together in one place. Tweets that were live as of April 28 are linked (still accessible outside India) and reproduced below.

A BJP spokesperson claimed, in an interview to BBC, that the tweets were part of a coordinated and malicious campaign, were spreading misinformation, and were found to be against “national interest.” Readers can be the judge of whether that claim holds any truth.

1. Link to tweet

2. Link to tweet

3. Link to tweet

4. Link to tweet

5. Link to tweet

6. Link to tweet

7. Link to tweet

8. Link to tweet

9. Link to tweet

10. Link to tweet

11. Link to tweet

12. Link to tweet

13. Link to tweet

14. Link to tweet

15. Link to tweet

16. Link to tweet

17. Link to tweet

18. Link to tweet

19. Link to tweet

20. Link to tweet

21. Link to tweet

22. Link to tweet

23. Link to tweet

24. Link to tweet

25. Link to tweet

26. Link to tweet

27. Link to tweet

28. Link to tweet

29. Link to tweet

30. Link to tweet

31. Link to tweet

32. Link to tweet

33. Link to tweet

34. Link to tweet

35. Link to tweet

36. Link to tweet

37. Link to tweet

Note 1: While I believe Twitter should have not complied with all the government orders, it is commendable that they uploaded information about both orders to the Lumen Database (from which these links are sourced).

Note 2: I want this webpage to be accessible. Unfortunately, it’s currently not. If you have the time, please consider submitting a pull request to this page to add alt text and subtitles to all the images.

Note 3: India is currently facing an unprecedented crisis, with lakhs of (officially recorded) COVID-19 cases each day. If you can afford it, please consider supporting non-profits fundraising to provide medical supplies to those who need it the most. This up-to-date list by Mutual Aid India is a great start.

This post is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License: reproducing it is fine as long as you can link back to here.

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