Free Speech Impunity Indicator

A Free Speech Impunity Indicator put together by FreeSpeechCollective tracks the status of investigation in each case. It is also a grim reminder of the tortuous, but dogged, resistance to the silencing of free speech, put up by families, friends and colleagues.

The Impunity Indicator tracks investigation from ground zero (No investigation) to Level 6, where investigations resulted in a trail and a conviction.

Free Speech Impunity Indicator

0. No investigation

1.Investigation; no arrests

2. Investigation; Arrests; Main accused absconding/not charged/released on bail

3. Charge-sheet filed; Trial

4. Judgement: Acquittal

5. Judgement: Conviction


FreeSpeechCollective is an initiative of journalists, activists and lawyers to protect the right to freedom of expression and vigorously promote free speech and the right to dissent.