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The FreeSpeechCollective, comprising journalists, lawyers and activists, aims to protect the right to freedom of expression and to vigorously promote free speech and the right to dissent. We monitor and document violations of free speech, debate issues and analyse major developments that impact Freedom of Expression. We also seek to provide solidarity and support to those who face attacks on their freedom of expression.

Getting Away With Murder

A study on the killings of and attacks on journalists in India, 2014–2019, and justice delivery in these cases. Since 2014, there have been more than 200 serious attacks on journalists in India. There has not been a single conviction in attacks on journalists in India, targeted for […]

काटेरी तारेच्या पलीकडल्या बातम्या – काश्मीरमधील माहिती-बंदी

“जेव्हा जिवावर बेतते, तेव्हा विश्वासार्हता मागे पडते” वार्ताहारद्वयी लक्ष्मी मूर्ती आणि गीता शेषू या नेटवर्क ऑफ वुमेन इन मिडीया आणि फ्री स्पीच कलेटीव्ह च्या संयुक्त संपादक आहेत. या दोन्ही संस्था या स्वयंसेवी आणि बाहेरील अर्थ सहाय्या शिवाय काम करतात. या दोघी ऑगस्ट 30 ते सप्टेंबर 3, 2019 या […] : Take down content globally negatively impacts freedom of expression online

Delhi High Court Approves Take Down of Content Globally (Republished with permission from Asks Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter to remove defamatory content from their global services Statement: At we believe that ordering intermediary platforms to take down content globally negatively impacts freedom of expression online, […]

कंटीली तारों से घायल खबर : कश्मीर की सूचनाबंदी – 6 (अंतिम)

Republished Part 6 of the Hindi translation of the report News Behind the Barbed Wire: Kashmir’s Information Blockade Courtesy बैठे-ठाले (Click here for Part I ,  Part II , Part III , Part IV  and Part V) एनडब्ल्यूएमआई-एफएससी रिपोर्ट अनकही कहानियां स्थानीय मीडिया प्रताड़ना से बचने के लिए […]