More than 800 film-makers and other supporters expressed their solidarity with film-makers Debalina Majumder and Shabnam Virmani, after their films Gay India Matrimony and Had-Anhad were stopped from being screened at the Ravenshaw University in Cuttack, Odisha, last week. Initially, the university authorities scrapped the film festival, scheduled from March 2-4, following protest from right-wing elements.

However, according to reports, the university authorities decided to go ahead with the film festival after the two films were dropped. Nevertheless, film-Maker Lipika Singh Darai decided to withdraw her film in solidarity.

In her statement, she said, “Running a Journalism and mass communication course in the University and not being able to stand for a film which talks about equal rights and films which have been widely screened across the world shows the shallowness of the whole system.”

(Scroll below for her complete statement)

Here is the statement by film-makers, actors, film students, writers and others on the issue (please scroll down for the list of signatories) :

We, the undersigned members of the filmmaking community in India, and supporters, are shocked to hear that the inaugural film festival organised by Film Society Ravenshaw at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, was stopped from screening Debalina Majumder’s Gay India Matrimony and Shabnam Virmani’ s Had-Anhad

Gay India Matrimony is a 2019 documentary which takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the problems and prospects of same-sex marriage in India, featuring the director herself and two others. Gay India Matrimony has been criticised by the opposing outfit Hari Om as “an attempt to corrupt the minds of youth to steer away from family values and tradition”. In Had-Anhad (2008), Virmani traces the 15th century mystic poet Kabir’s attachment with Ram, across the Indo-Pak border. In this case, Had-Anhad is charged with “romanticising the Indo-Pak right relationship”. 

Both films are well-known and have already been in circulation in film festivals and campuses in India and abroad. At a time when free speech is threatened across the country, journalists and mediamakers attacked, the forcible stoppage of the screenings of these two films only adds fuel to the rising intolerance in the country.

What is particularly dismaying is how an institute of higher learning, a University, finds documentary films that have been widely screened and acclaimed in many public fora unsuitable for its own students. 

We are also appalled to hear that the outfit, Hari Om, objected to the screening of Pather Panchali (1955) by Oscar awardee and Bharat Ratna Satyajit Ray as “romanticising poverty in India” and to his equally classic cinematic work Charulata (1964) as “borderline incest”.  Such policing of Indian cinema through intimidation and threats of violence further shrinks the culture of free thinking and creativity. Universities and film societies are integral parts of our public spaces, their right to screen and discuss cinema needs to be upheld at all costs.

We strongly condemn this illegal vigilante action by self-appointed “guardians” of “morality” and culture. 

We stand in solidarity with the filmmakers and the organisers of the film festival, and extend our unflinching support to them.

Film-maker Lipika Singh Darai also decided to withdraw her film “Some Stories around Witches” from Ravenshaw Film Festival in solidarity with Debalina Majumder.

Her statement:

I would like to withdraw my film SOME STORIES AROUND WITCHES from the Ravenshaw Film Festival in solidarity with Debalina Majumder, director of “Gay India Matrimony” and other filmmakers whose films have been forcefully dropped. As the festival has resumed without these films, in this situation, I would not like to have a public screening of my film at a place where filmmakers’ dignity and freedom have not been protected. I would also like to remind the authorities of Ravenshaw University that a film festival is nothing without filmmakers’ films and voices. Running a Journalism and mass communication course in the University and not being able to stand for a film which talks about equal rights and films which have been widely screened across the world shows the shallowness of the whole system.

The list of signatories:

  1. A. H. Ray, Kolkata
  2. Aamir Shama Rasul
  3. Aanchal Kapur, Curator, Delhi
  4. Abhishek Majumdar,  Writer, Director, Bangalore
  5. Abhay Kardeguddi, Consultant, Pune
  6. Abhijit Mazumdar, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  7. Abhijit Sarkar, Sound Designer, Teacher (University), Rohtak, Haryana                 
  8. Abhijna Bhattacharjee, Artist Kolkata
  9. Abhilash Pal, Student and AI Engineer
  10. Abhimanyu Bandyopadhyay, journalist/musician; kolkata
  11. Abhishek Bhardwaj, Actor Mumbai
  12. Abhishek Dey, Film researcher, Film direction student, School Teacher
  13. Abhishek Hazra, visual artist, Bangalore
  14. Abhro Banerjee Film Editor, Mumbai
  15. Abir Hazra, Citizen
  16. Abu Solyman Darani, Citizen
  17. Adeeb Rabbani, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  18. Aditi Sircar, Citizen
  19. Adusyanti Chatterjee, Photographer , Kolkata/Delhi
  20. Aishi Majumder, Student And Side Job,Chakdaha Nadia
  21. Ajimesh Saha, Filmmaker
  22. 21. Ajith Kumar B, Filmmaker
  23. Akash Chakrabarty, Song-Writer, Kolkata
  24. Akash Sil, Film Enthusiast And Audience
  25. Akshay Gouri, Filmmaker, Rohtak/Melbourne                      
  26. Akshay Sreyas, Student, Berhampur
  27. Alivia Hait, Journalist
  28. Alokparna Acharya, Writer, software professional, Kolkata
  29. Amala Popuri, Sound Artist, Mumbai 
  30. Amir Aziz, Poet, Mumbai
  31. Amit Mahanti, Filmmaker, New Delhi
  32. Amit Paul, Citizen, Audience
  33. Amitava Ghosh General Secretary Celluloid Chapter Jamshedpur
  34. Ammu Abraham, women’s rights & civil liberties activist
  35. Amrit Amlan Pattanaik, PhD Scholar, Hyderabad
  36. Amrita Dasgupta, Kolkata
  37. Amrita, Viewer, Kolkata
  38. Amudhan RP, filmmaker, Chennai 
  39. Anamika Haksar, Director, Mumbai
  40. Anand Pande, Director/Cinematographer, Pune
  41. Anand Patwardhan, filmmaker, Mumbai
  42. Ananya Chakraborti, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  43. Ananya Chatterjee, Assistant Professor in Sociology, Kolkata
  44. Ananya Gupta, Kolkata
  45. AnanyaM, Mumbai                
  46. Anik Nag, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  47. Aniket Das, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  48. Animesh Dutta, Photographer, Kolkata                     
  49. Anindya Hajra
  50. Anindya Sen, Professor, Silchar       
  51. Anirban Datta, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  52. Anirban Dutta, Filmmaker, Delhi
  53. Anirban Mukherjee, Film & Television Programme Maker, Kolkata
  54. Aniruddha Chakraborty, Filmmaker, Goa                 
  55. Anirudh Kaushal, Student, FTII
  56. Anita Dighe, Noida
  57. Anitha Gomathy, Freelance Journalist and emerging filmmaker, Trivandrum, Kerala                                
  58. Anjali Monteiro, Filmmaker and Academic, Goa
  59. Ankana Dey, Psychologist, Social Worker, Kolkata
  60. Ankur Bose, Student
  61. Ankur Dasgupta, audience and artist
  62. Anubhab Bhattacharya, Student
  63. Anubhab, film maker, Mumbai                                          
  64. Anuj, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  65. Anumitra, Chef, Founder of Edible Archives
  66. Anupam Dhar, Dubbing Producer, Kolkata
  67. Anupama Bhat, Textile Designer and Entrepreneur, Delhi
  68. Anupama Srinivasan, Filmmaker, Delhi        
  69. Anuradha Bansa, Filmmaker, Noida
  70. Anuran Kar Gupta, Student, Kolkata
  71. Anusha Datta, Documentary Filmmaker, Mumbai                
  72. Anusha Ramanathan, Educator, Mumbai
  73. Anushka Meenakshi, Bangalore
  74. Anuska Paul, Feminists in Resistance, Kolkata       
  75. Anwesha Sengupta, teaching, Kolkata
  76. Aparajita Ghosh, Performer, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  77. Aparna Bhattacharyya, teacher, Guwahati
  78. Archee Roy, Artist, Kolkata
  79. Arijit Paul, Noida                                        
  80. Arindam Bhattacharjee, cinematographer, Kolkata
  81. Aritra Chowdhury, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  82. Aritra Ganguli. Audience
  83. Arjab Sarkar, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  84. Arjun Gourisaria, filmmaker/editor, Kolkata
  85. Arnab Mookherjee, CPI(ML)
  86. Arnab Sarkar , Photographer. Kolkata
  87. Arnit Chetry, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  88. Arunava Mitra, Editor, Kolkata
  89. Arundhati Ghosh, Cultural Practitioner
  90. Arunesh, retired, Bangalore
  91. Arup Ratan Samajdar, Professor
  92. Arushi Handa
  93. Arvind Caulagi, Filmmaker, Mumbai 
  94. Asheesh Pandya, Sound Practician, Gurgaon
  95. Ashu Chakraborty, Music Director
  96. Atrayee Basu, Homemaker, Content Writer
  97. Aveejeet Daas, Theatre actor, singer, painter and Film lover
  98. Ayan Makhal, Writer, Independent filmmaker
  99. Ayesha Kidwai, Academic, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  100. Ayush Mondal, Student, Delhi                       
  101. Bagisha, Student, Kolkata
  102. Bahata Ansumali, Software Professional and Indus script researcher, Bangalore
  103. Benny Benedict, Film curator, Kerala
  104. Bhanuj Kappal, journalist, Mumbai 
  105. Bharti Ali, Child Rights Activist, Delhi
  106. Bhaskar Jyoti Chetia, Photographer, Guwahati
  107. Bhumika Saraswati, documentary filmmaker and journalist, Delhi              
  108. Bibhubrata Acharjee, Musician, Kolkata
  109. Bidisha, Service, New Delhi
  110. Bigyna Bhushan Dahal, sound designer, Mumbai
  111. Biplab Das, Content Writer
  112. Bishakha Datta, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  113. Bishal Swargiary, Filmmaker, Assam India
  114. Bivas Pal, Photographer, Birbhum
  115. Bushan Vikas, Actor, Mumbai
  116. Bulbul Phadke, Bombay
  117. Chanchal Kundu, Artist, Kolkata
  118. Charvi Ojha, Artist, Mumbai 
  119. Chayanika Shah, Educator, Mumbai
  120. Chinmoy Pramanik, Tehatta
  121. Chinmoy Sonowal, Guwahati
  122. Chitrangada Samajdwar, Citizen
  123. Cinedelve Agartala
  124. D. R. Mohanraj, Mysore
  125. Dakxin Chhara, Filmmaker and Dramaturge
  126. Danish Husain
  127. Dattatreya Ghosh, Research Fellow, Kolkata
  128. Debajyoti Bhattacharyya, Film viewer and appreciator
  129. Debarati Gupta, Filmmaker
  130. Debarghya Chakrabarti,Chemical Engineering Student, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  131. Debasmita Dey, Storyboard artist
  132. Debasree Sarkar, Research Scholar, Kolkata                      
  133. Debatri Das, Development professional and film enthusiast
  134. Debayan Mukherjee, Photographer, Kolkata                        
  135. Debjani Ghosh, Citizen
  136. Deblina Das, Scholar
  137. Debopriya Shome, PhD scholar, International Relations, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  138. Deboranjan Sarangi, Filmmaker
  139. 134.            Deboranjan Sarangi, Filmmaker
  140. Deborati Maitra. Actor
  141. Debraj Naiya, Filmmaker
  142. Deepa Dhanraj, Filmmaker, Bangalore
  143. Deepa Pathak, Uttarakhand
  144. Deepika Sharma. Filmmaker, Mumbai
  145. Dev Benegal, Film Director, New York.
  146. Dibyayan Hota, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  147. Dilip D’Souza, Independent writer, Bombay
  148. Dipraswatta Mahapatra, Doctor
  149. Dipro Hajra
  150. Divya Sachar, filmmaker and writer
  151. Dolly Thakore Activist, writer, Actor,Mumbai
  152. Dona Banerjee, Cinematographer, kolkata
  153. Dr Charvak, Teacher, Kolkata                       
  154. Dr. Kolika Mitra (Researcher, Social Activist)
  155. Dr. Ranjita Biswas. Psychiatrist and queer feminist activist
  156. Dr. Samata Biswas, Kolkata based academic
  157. Dr. Shoma A. Chatterjee, freelance journalist, film scholar and author, Kolkata
  158. Dwaipayan Banerjee, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  159. Dyuti Mukherjee, translator, Howrah             
  160. Ehraz Zaman, Filmmaker, New Delhi
  161. Enakshi Nandi, Teacher, New Delhi
  162. Farha Khatun, Filmmaker 
  163. Fazle Wakil, Research Scholar, Jadavpur University
  164. Filmmaker
  165. Firoza Khan, Filmmaker
  166. Gargi Sen, Filmmaker
  167. Gautam Sonti, filmmaker, Bangalore
  168. Gayathri M, Student, Berhampur                  
  169. Geeta Seshu, journalist, Co-editor, Free Speech Collective 
  170. Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, actress, Mumbai 
  171. Gita Rani Bhattacharya, Social Activist, Guwahatii 
  172. Gourab Biswas, Tehatta
  173. Gourab Ghosh, Educator & Left-Queer Rights Activist
  174. Gouri Patwardhan, Filmmaker, Bengaluru
  175. Gurpal Singh, Actor-Director, Mumbai
  176. Hardik Brata Biswas, Jadavpur University
  177. Hasan Sheikh, Murshidabad
  178. Hassath, Lweshalno
  179. Hemanti Sarkar, Film Editor, Mumbai 
  180. Himanshu Prajapati, Filmmaker Mumbai
  181. Hiya Chatterjee, Assistant Professor, Kolkata
  182. Ina De, student, artist
  183. Indrabati Sarkar, Film Enthusiast
  184. Indrani Banerjee, Instructional Designer
  185. Indranil Mazumdar, cinematographer, kolkata
  186. Irene Dhar Malik, film editor, Mumbai
  187. Ishani Mukherjee, Kolkata
  188. Jabeen Merchant, film editor, Mumbai
  189. Jayanta Mukherjee, Theatre practitioner
  190. Jayasree Singh, Farmer
  191. Jeet Datta, Script Writer
  192. Jeet Sundor, Theatre Worker & Actor, Kolkata
  193. Jeroo Mulla, Educationist
  194. Jhelum Roy, Feminists in Resistance, Kolkata
  195. John DSousa, Documentalist, CED, Mumbai
  196. Joshy Joseph, filmmaker, Kolkata
  197. Joy Gorey, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  198. Juhi, Documentary Filmmaker, Bombay                   
  199. Juhi, Writer and Researcher, Delhi               
  200. Juli Brahma, social worker, Assam
  201. Jyoti Patil, Uttarakhand
  202. Jyotirmoy Ram, theatre worker and college student, Malda
  203. Kaberi Mallick, Journalism and Mass Communication Department, Jadavpur University
  204. Kamakshi Subramaniam, Mysore
  205. Kanishka Sarkar. Musician, Human
  206. Kasturi Basu, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  207. Kaushik Bhaduri, Software developer, Kolkata
  208. Kaushik Ghosh, Journalism student, Kolkata
  209. Kaushik Roy, Theatre worker
  210. Kaustav Bakshi, Academic, Kolkata
  211. Kaustuv Dhara, Cinematographer, Kolkata              
  212. Kavita Bahl, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  213. Koel Chatterjee, artist, content writer and designer
  214. Koel Chatterji, Feminists in Resistance, Kolkata
  215. Koyel Ghosh, social worker 
  216. KP Jayasankar, Filmmaker and Academic, Goa
  217. Kusum Kohli ,Educator, Dehradun
  218. Labani Jangi, Phd Student ,CSSSC, Kolkata
  219. Lalit Vachani, Filmmaker
  220. Laxmi Murthy, Journalist
  221. Lipika Singh Darai, filmmaker, Odisha
  222. Lubdhak Chatterjee, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  223. Madhavi Tangella, Filmmaker
  224. Madhu Dhurve, Filmmaker, Bhopal
  225. Madhuri Katti, Educator and Science Writer, Kolkata
  226. Madhusree Dutta, filmmaker, Mumbai
  227. Maheen Mirza, Filmmaker, Bhopal
  228. Mallika Gopalakrishnan/ Bangalore
  229. Mahnoor Yar Khan, Hyderabad 
  230. Maimoona AM, Women’s rights activist, Delhi
  231. Mallika Visvanathan, Filmmaker, Delhi
  232. Mamta Govil,Teacher, Dehradun
  233. Mamun Al Abedin Editor Kolkata
  234. Manabendra Dewanji, Member, EIMPDA
  235. Manali Dutta, Mental health facilitator, Sri Lanka
  236. Manav kaul
  237. Manidipa Singha, Musician
  238. Manisa Das, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  239. Manish Das, Film-Maker, Thespian & Academician
  240. Manisha Chaudhry, Publishing professional, Delhi 
  241. Manoj Sharma, Actor
  242. Maya Nirmala, Chennai
  243. Mayank Ojha, Actor, FTII Pune 
  244. Mayurakshi Banerjee, film practitioner, Kolkata
  245. Megha Acharya, Filmmaker
  246. Meghna Nandi, WB, Kolkata
  247. Meheli Sen, professor of Cinema Studies, Rutgers University
  248. Milind Chhabra, Filmmaker
  249. Minakshi Bujarbaruah, Researcher
  250. Minakshi Sanyal, Queer Feminist Activist
  251. Mir Md Falak, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  252. Miriam Chandy Menacherry, filmmaker                    
  253. Mitali Biswas, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  254. Mohd Fehmeed, Filmmaker, Delhi
  255. Mohit Ranadip, Psychiatric counsellor          
  256. Monalisa Mukherji
  257. Monamy Nandy, Odissi dance practitioner
  258. Monideep Saha, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  259. Monisha Behal, Social Worker, Guwahati
  260. Monon Bhattacharyya, Director and Musician Berhampore, West Bengal
  261. Moumita Adhikary, Assistant Director, Kolkata
  262. Moumita Chakraborty, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  263. Moupia Mukherjee,Writer& Filmmaker
  264. Mousumi Bilkis, Writer & Filmmaker, Kolkata                       
  265. Mrittika Mukherjee, Filmmaker, Producer
  266. Mrs. B Das, Hindi Teacher, Hyderabad
  267. Mukta DHond, PRoducer, writer, Mumbai
  268. Munia Debleena Tripathi, artist/scholar, Kolkata/Toronto
  269. Muraleedharan CK, Cinematographer, Mumbai
  270. Mustafa Deshamangalam, Filmmaker
  271. Nabadeepa Biswas, Theatre Practitioner
  272. Nabina Chakraborty, Filmmaker, Bengaluru
  273. Nakul Singh Sawhney, Filmmaker, Delhi
  274. Nandan Saxena, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  275. Nandini Dhar, Feminists in Resistance, Kolkata
  276. Nandini Dhar, Mumbai, Editor                       
  277. Nandini Manjrekar, Mumbai
  278. Narendra Singh Pardhi, Cinematographer, Bhopal
  279. Nasib Akhtar, Screenwriter, Director and Editor
  280. Naveen Pun, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  281. Navnita Sen, Editor Mumbai
  282. Nayanika Chatterjee,Student of Performing Art’s Therapy, Music Teacher and Performer,Kolkata
  283. Neel Dasgupta, Student
  284. Neel Mani Kant, Filmmaker Mumbai 
  285. Neethu Suda Mohandhas, Sound Recordist and Designer for Films, Mumbai                    
  286. Niharika Banerjea, Teacher
  287. Niki Nirvikalpa, Filmmaker
  288. Nikita Sharma, Journalist/Editor, Chandigarh
  289. Nilabja Bhattacharjee, Biotechnology department , NIT DURGAPUR
  290. Nilabja Das, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  291. Niladri Paul, Software Developer and a film enthusiast
  292. Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, Independent Journalist & Writer               
  293. Nilay Samiran Nandi, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  294. Nilita Vachani, Filmmaker/writer, Delhi                     
  295. Nimish Jha, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  296. Nirabari Bandyopadhyay, Academician, Film Maker, Kolkata
  297. Nirajana, Post-Graduate Student, Kolkata.               
  298. Nirmal Chander, filmmaker / editor, Delhi
  299. Nirupama Sarma, Development Practitioner, Bangalore
  300. Nisha Biswas, Feminists in Resistance, Kolkata
  301. Nishtha Jain, Filmmaker, Mumbai 
  302. Nivedita Menon, Delhi
  303. Nivedita, Media Student, Mumbai     
  304. Nundrisha Wakhloo, filmmaker , New Delhi
  305. Nupur Basu, journalist and documentary filmmaker
  306. Orpheus Mukhoty, Poet, Kolkata
  307.      292.        P Baburaj, Filmmaker
  308. Pabitra Banerjee, Student, Manbazar, Purulia
  309. Padmavati Rao, filmmaker, actor
  310. Pankaj Rishi Kumar, filmmaker, Mumbai
  311. Paramjeet Singh, New Delhi
  312. Pareedhi, Writer, Delhi.                     
  313. Pariplab Chakraborty, Artist/ Journalist, New Delhi              
  314. Paro Anand, Author, New Delhi
  315. Paromita Mukherjee , Actor
  316. Paromita Vohra, Filmmaker and Writer, Mumbai
  317. Partha Ghosh, independent camera person, Kolkata
  318. Partha kayal
  319. Partha Sengupta, Photographer
  320. Parvathi Menon, Journalist, Bangalore
  321. Paula Banerjee, Kolkata                    
  322. Paulami kundu, actor, Kolkata
  323. Pawas Manandhar, Kathmandu
  324. Payal Kapadia, Filmmaker Mumbai
  325. Pinaki De, Raja Peary Mohan college,West Bengal
  326. Pinaki Guha, Teacher
  327. Pinaki Nath, Student, Kolkata                       
  328. Pinki Ghosh Dastidar UX Designer, AI Creator,Theatre Practitioner
  329. Pinky Brahma Choudury, Filmmaker
  330. Polo (Poulami Saha), Junior Program Officer (SFE), Social Worker, Anthropologist
  331. Pooja Kaul, Visual artist, Bangalore
  332. Poushali Basak, Researcher, Kolkata
  333. Prabir Kumar Sen, Cinematographer
  334. 317.            Pradeep Dipu, Filmmaker
  335. Pradip Nag, retaired Govt employee, Siliguri, Dist-Darjeeling,West Bengal
  336. Pradip Saha, Direction, Mumbai                   
  337. Pradipta Bhattacharya, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  338. Pradipta Saha, Audiographer, Kolkata
  339. Prantik Narayan Basu, filmmaker, Kolkata
  340. Prantik Singha, Editor and an independent filmmaker
  341. Prasun Mondal, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  342. Prateek Vats, Filmmaker Mumbai
  343. Pratyush Pani, Research Scholar, Bhubaneswar
  344. Premendra Mazumder, Kolkata
  345. Prince Kanwal, Actor, Writer, Therapist, Coach, Mumbai
  346. Pritam Bose, Production Coordinator, North 24 PGS, Shyamnagar
  347. Pritam Mandal, Editor, Mumbai
  348. Pritanko Ghatak , Filmmaker , Kolkata                     
  349. Prithaj Sengupta, Filmmaker, Kolkata.          
  350. Priya Naresh, Filmmaker, New Delhi
  351. Priyanka Dutta, school teacher and film lover, Kolkata
  352. Priya Sen, Filmmaker
  353. Priya Thuvassery, Filmmaker, Delhi
  354. Priyadarshini Mukherjee, Ad filmmaker, Kolkata
  355. Priyanka Biswas, Cinematographer, Kolkata
  356. Priyanka Chhabra, Film Director/Editor, Delhi
  357. Priyanka Gaikwad, Audiographer, Mumbai
  358. Priyanka More, Film Producer Mumbai                     
  359. Priyanka Mukherjee, Filmmaker
  360. Priyanka Saha, Editor, Kolkata
  361. Prosenjit Poddar, Kolkata. Corporate employee, Photographer, Cinematographer
  362. Puja Bhattacharyya, Academician, Theatre Worker
  363. Puja Dutta, Kolkata
  364. Pushpa, Audiographer, Raipur
  365. Pushpendra Singh, filmmaker, Pune
  366. Pushpendu Singha Roy, Assistant Director, Baharampur
  367. Rachayita Dey; College Student; Kolkata
  368. Radhika Murthy, filmmaker, Mumbai
  369. Rafeeq Ellias, filmmaker, Mumbai 
  370. Raghav Kakkar, actor / writer, Mumbai 
  371. Raghu V , Film Director/Editor, Hyderabad
  372. Rahul Mir, Graphic Designer
  373. Rahul Mukherjee, student
  374. Rahul Rai, writer Mumbai
  375. Rahul Roye, Screenwriter-filmmaker
  376. Raj Raha, theatre and film practitioner
  377. Raja Ghosh, Filmmaker, Writer
  378. Rajarshi Datta, Service
  379. Rajarshi Ghosh, Free Thinker, Kolkata
  380. Rajeev Khanna, Journalist, Solan
  381. Rajib Das, Freelancer and Filmmaker, Kolkata
  382. Rakesh Sharma, filmmaker, Goa
  383. Rana Pratap Karforma, Cinematographer, Kolkata
  384. Ranabir Das, Cinematographer, Mumbai
  385. Randeep Madokke, Filmmaker
  386. Ranita Sarkar, Editor, Kolkata
  387. Ranjana Padhi, Feminist activist and writer, Bhubaneswar
  388. Ranodip Dutta. Independent Filmmaker
  389. Ranojit Dasgupta, Filmmaker/Editor, Kolkata
  390. Rashmi Lamba, filmmaker, festivals, gender in media, Mumbai
  391. Ratnadeep Roy, Student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata 
  392. Ravi Kiran, cinematographer, Mumbai 
  393. Ree (Runa Dhara), Social Worker
  394. Reena Mohan, filmmaker / editor, Delhi
  395. Rekha Nigam,  screenwriter, Mumbai
  396. Renu Khanna, Sahaj, Vadodara
  397. Riddhi mukherjee, Sound editor and location recordist, Kolkata
  398. Ridhima Mehra, Delhi
  399. Riju Das, Cinematographer, Mumbai
  400. Rinchin, Writer, Bhopal
  401. Rinky Karmakar, Assistant Director, Kolkata
  402. Ritabrita Maity, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  403. Ritam Jana, Theatre practitioner
  404. Ritam Sarkar, Filmmaker, Kolkata.               
  405. Ritam Sarkar,Theatre worker,Birbhum
  406. Ritesh Sharma, Filmmaker
  407. Rohit Sen Gupta, Sound Designer & Mixing Engineer, Kolkata
  408. Ronny Sen, Filmmaker, Kolkata 
  409. Ruchir Joshi, Film-maker/Writer, Calcutta
  410. Ruchira Ghosh, lifestyle journalist
  411. Ruhi Bhatia, Producer, Mumbai                    
  412. S D, Student, Delhi
  413. Saba Dewan, Filmmaker/Writer, Gurgaon, Haryana
  414. Sabyasachi Banerjee, Teacher
  415. Sabyasachi Pal, Sound Artiste, Kolkata
  416. Sabyasachi, Filmmaker, Kolkata                
  417. Sabyasachi, Teacher, Kolkata
  418. Sagnik Bhattacharyya, Singer-songwriter, Kolkata
  419. Sagnik Mukherjee. Actor. Theatre Practitioner                     
  420. Sagnik Saha, Research scholar, Malda
  421. Saikat Sengupta, Musician
  422. Samadrita K, Student, Kolkata 
  423. Samarth Dixit, Editor, Mumbai
  424. Sambaran Sarkar, Video editor & Short filmmaker, Kolkata
  425. Sambuddha RoyChowdhury, Student, Kolkata
  426. Sameer Wadekar, Screenwriter, Mumbai
  427. Sameera Jain, Delhi
  428. Samik Mitra, sales & marketing & Theatre Practitioner
  429. Samina Mishra, Filmmaker, Writer & Teacher, New Delhi
  430. Samiran Shil, UI-UX Designer
  431. Samriddha Bhattacharyya, Animation and graphic student
  432. Samya Mondal, Film Student, Kolkata          
  433. Samyayan Chatterjee
  434. Sananda Dasgupta, Freelance Writer, Bangalore
  435. ​​Sanchay Bose, Film Director/Editor, Jabalpur
  436. Sanchita Chatterjee, Citizen
  437. Sandeep Ravindran, Filmmaker
  438. Sandhya Kumar, filmmaker, Bangalore
  439. Sandip Roy Karmakar, Audio engineer, India
  440. Sandip Sarkar, Sound Mixer and Designer,Mumbai
  441. Sanghamitra Roychowdhury Dasgupta, Writer
  442. Sanghita Sen, Professor,  Northumbria University
  443. Sanjay Kak, Filmmaker, Delhi
  444. Sanjay Kumar Soren, (Student, FTII), Odisha
  445. Sankalp Meshram, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  446. Sankha, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  447. Sankhadeep Ghosh, PhD Student, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  448. Sanmit Chatterjee, Doctoral Candidate, School of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University
  449. Santa, filmmaker, Bhubaneswar                   
  450. Santanu Banerjee, Cinematographer
  451. Santanu Chakraborty, Film Critic, Kolkata
  452. Santanu Sarkar, Teaching, Silchar
  453. Santhosh Kumar K C, Media Activist, Thrissur, Kerala
  454. Santwana Bhattacharya, Editor, The New Indian Express 
  455. Sanu Kummil, Filmmaker
  456. Sapna Moti Bhavnani, Filmmaker, Mumbai  
  457. Saptarshi Sarkar, Production Sound Mixer, Mumbai
  458. Sarbani Bandyopadhyay. Researcher and teacher
  459. Sathya Saran, Author and Journalist, Mumbai
  460. Satyaki Adhikary, Cinematographer, Kolkata
  461. Satyaky Jana,Student,Kolkata                      
  462. Saunak Sarkar, content writer
  463. Saurav Bhadra , Filmmaker, Kolkata
  464. Saurav Chakraborty, Banker and hater of communal bigotry
  465. Sawni, Gaffer, Bhopal
  466. Sayan De, Actor
  467. Sayan Sengupta, Student, Kolkata
  468. Sayandeep Ghosh,Barasat,Theatre artist
  469. Sayantan Mukherjee (Filmmaker, Video Editor, Kolkata)
  470. Seema Dahiya, Writer, Mumbai
  471. Shabani Hassanwalia, filmmaker, Editor
  472. Shabnam Hashmi, social activist, Delhi
  473. Shabnam Surita, Journalist
  474. Shahana Bhattacharya, Delhi
  475. Shahrukhkhan Chavada, Film Director, Ahmedabad
  476. Shals Mahajan, writer
  477. 456.            Shameer Ahamed, Filmmaker
  478. Shantanu Mondal,Cinematographer,Kolkata
  479. Shanthi Mohan, Film maker, Mumbai 
  480. Sharad Raj, Independent filmmaker, Mumbai
  481. Sharonee A, Student, Kolkata
  482. Sheela Gowda, Visual artist, Bangalore
  483. Sherna Dastur, Delhi
  484. Shiladitya Ganguly (practicing Film Maker) Kolkata
  485. Shilpi Gulati, Filmmaker and Academic, Mumbai
  486. Shinjan Basu, Editor
  487. Shirin Bhattacharya, M. A. Sociology student, SPPU, Pune
  488. Shobhit Jain, Filmmaker
  489. Shohini Ghosh, Professor, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  490. Shouryadipta Sengupta, Political Activist
  491. Shrestha Bhattacharya, Former student of film Studies ,independent filmmaker,Kolkata
  492. Shreya, producer, Goa                      
  493. Shubham Sarkar, Student, Jadavpur University
  494. Shubham, Actor-Writer, Delhi
  495. Shuddhabrata Sengupta, artist and writer, Delhi
  496. Shyam Prasad, cinematographer, Hyderabad
  497. Shyamalendu Majumdar, Professor, Kolkata
  498. Smriti Nevatia, film consultant & curator, Bombay
  499. Sneha Pakrashi, Theatre practitioner
  500. Snigdhendu Ghosal, Editor, Kolkata
  501. Soham Basu, Social Worker
  502. Soham Gupta
  503. Solanki Roy, student
  504. Somesh Roy, Asst Professor, Alipurduar University, Alipurduar
  505. Somnath Waghmare, Filmmaker
  506. Sonali Sathaye, anthropologist
  507. Sonia Nepram, Filmmaker, Imphal
  508. Soumen Das, Editor
  509. Soumick Mukherjee, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  510. Soumya Suvra Das, Kolkata
  511. Soumyadeb Hui, Research Scholar, Rabindra Bharati University; Actor, Theatre Director and School Teacher
  512. Soumyadeep Ghosh, student
  513. Soumyadeep Halder, Alumni, IIEST Shibpur(BESU Shibpur)
  514. Soumyadip Chatterjee, Kolkata
  515. Soumyadip Das, Student, Roopkala Kendro
  516. Sourabh Banerjee, Kolkata
  517. Sourabh Chattopadhyay, IT engineer, Asansol
  518. Souradeep Roy, PhD student and Teaching Associate, Queen Mary University of London
  519. Sourajit Saha, Film Student, FTII
  520. Souranil Singha, Film Practitioner
  521. Sourav Chakraborty, Actor
  522. Sourav Dey, Cinematographer,Kolkata
  523. Sourav Dey, postdoctoral fellow, Israel
  524. Sourav Gupta , Sound Recordist & Designer , kolkata
  525. Sourav Majhi, Photographer
  526. Sourav Sarangi, filmmaker, Kolkata
  527. Sourish Pandey Rishi,  Film Practitioner,  Kolkata
  528. Souro Mondal, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  529. Sourojyoti Chatterjee, Busker and Music Teacher, Kolkata
  530. Souvick Chakraborty, Kolkata
  531. Souvik Biswas, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  532. Souvik guha, cinematographer, kolkata
  533. Spandan Banerjee, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  534. Sreemith N, Filmmaker
  535. Srijan Biswas, Cinematographer, Kolkata
  536. Srinjan Majumdar, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  537. Sriram Raja, Editor, Kolkata
  538. Subarna Mondal, Assistant Professor of English, The Sanskrit College and University, Kolkata
  539. Subasri Krishnan, Filmmaker, Delhi
  540. Subha Das Mollick, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  541. Subhadeep Dey, Cinematographer
  542. Subhadip, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  543. Subhagata Ghosh, Queer Feminist Activist
  544. Subhajit Chatterjee, Asst. Professor, Jadavpur University
  545. Subhajit Maity, Theatre Actor, Kolkata
  546. Subham Talukdar, Author, Screenwriter and Filmmaker             
  547. Subhankar, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  548. Subhas Longmarch, Independent Filmmaker and Theatre Activist, Kolkata
  549. Subhecchha Baidya, Research scholar
  550. Subhradip Ghosh, Citizen
  551. Suchana, artist, mumbai                    
  552. Suchandra Das, Photographer and one of the participants of Gay India    Matrimony, Kolkata
  553. Sucharita Sen, Professor
  554. Sucharita, Researcher, Kolkata
  555. Suchismito Khatua, Researcher, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  556. Sudeshna Ghorui, student, MA, Adamas university, Kolkata
  557. Sudha Padmaja Francis, Filmmaker, Kochi
  558. Sudhanya Roy Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist, Kolkata
  559. Sudheer Palsane, Cinematographer, Mumbai
  560. Sudip Baral, Cinematography, Kolkata
  561. Sudip Bose, Actor, Kolkata
  562. Sujata Gothoskar, Activist and Researcher, Mumbai
  563. Sujata Kundu, Editor, Kolkata
  564. Sujata Madhok, Journalist, New Delhi
  565. Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee, Artist
  566. Suman Bhattacharyya, Filmmaker, Photo-Artist
  567. Suman Biswas, Cinematographer, Kolkata              
  568. Suman Saha, Film maker, Kolkata
  569. Suman Sengupta, Social Worker
  570. Sumantra Roy,Filmmaker-Editor, Kolkata
  571. Sumita Samanta, Publication Editor, La Strada, Kolkata
  572. Sumit Dey, Social Worker
  573. Sumitava Ghosh, Designer
  574. Sunanda Bhat, filmmaker, Bangalore
  575. Sunil Kaul, the ant, Bodoland, Assam
  576. Sunil Kumar, Filmmaker
  577. Sunil Menon, Journalist, Delhi           
  578. Sunita Prasad, Filmmaker, New York City
  579. Supriya Banerjee, Social Worker and Critic
  580. Surabhi Sharma, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  581. Suresh Rajamani, Sound recordist, Mumbai
  582. Suresh Sharma, Independent Filmmaker                 
  583. Surojit Mistry, book Publishers and film-maker from Kolkata
  584. Surojit Mistry, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  585. Suruchi Mazumdar, University Faculty, Sonipat Haryana                
  586. Surya Balakrishnan, filmmaker, mumbai
  587. Susanta Chakraborty, Editor
  588. Susanta Das , Mime and theatre practitioner , Kolkata
  589. Sushavan Das, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  590. Sushil Kumar, Producer, Bhopal       
  591. Sushil Tanwar, Shimla
  592. Susmita Sinha, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  593. Suvajit Mahajan, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  594. Suvrangshu Sarkar, Editor, Mumbai             
  595. Swarnab Ghosh, Alternative cinema learner
  596. Swarnava Chakraborty, Editor, Kolkata
  597. Swastik Kargupta, student, Roopkala Kendro, Kolkata
  598. Swati Ali, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  599. Swati Dandekar, filmmaker, Bangalore 
  600. T. K. Rajalakshmi, Journalist, New Delhi
  601. Tangsu Karmakar, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  602. Tania Sarbadhikary, Educator, Bangalore
  603. Tanisha B, Student, Kolkata
  604. Tanmay Nivedita, Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan, Bihar
  605. Tanmoy Chakraborty, Editor Colourist and Post production consultant
  606. Tanushree Gangopadhyay, Journalist,Ahmedabad
  607. Tanushree Rabha, communications associate, the ant, Chirang
  608. WTanusree, Common Citizen, Kolkata
  609. Tapash Ghosh, Citizen
  610. Tara Sankar Sarkar, Theatre worker and Journalist
  611. Tathagata Mandal, Student
  612. Tathagato Mukherjee / Film Student / Kolkata                      
  613. Tinku Khanna, Kolkata
  614. Tinni Mitra, Editor, Mumbai
  615. Tuhin Bhattacharjee, PhD Candidate, New York University, USA
  616. Tuhinangshu Mukherjee, North 24 pgs – Independent Short Filmmaker
  617. Tulika Bhattacharjee, Writer and Editor, Bangalore
  618. Tulika Srivastava 
  619. Tushar Gandhi, Writer, Mumbai
  620. Twisha Deb, Photographer, Translator
  621. Uday Raj Anand, Businessman, Delhi
  622. Udaya Kumar, JNU, New Delhi
  623. Ujjayini Chattopadhyay, Student
  624. Urvashi Jalali, Researcher/ Design Academic Bangalore    
  625. Usha Rao, filmmaker, educator, Bangalore
  626. Utsav Dan, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  627. Vandana Palsane, Sociologist, Pune 
  628. Vandita Jain, Cinematographer, Thane
  629. Vani Subramanian, Filmmaker, Delhi
  630. Vasudevan Kadalayil, Architect, Bengaluru 
  631. Vidur Nauriyal, writer, Mumbai
  632. Vidyarthy Chatterjee, Film Critic and Writer
  633. Vikrant Pawar, filmmaker, Pune 
  634. Vineeth Kumar, Filmmaker
  635. Wafa Refai, Film Producer, Editor, Ahmedabad
  636. Yashodara, Filmmaker, Bangalore
  637. Yashaswini Raghunandan, filmmaker Bangalore 
  638. Meena Karnik, Film Critic
  639. Kamini Bobde/ Delhi
  640. Keertan a Kumar/ Pondicherry 
  641. Mayukh Ghosh, Filmmaker, Mumbai
  642. Prayas Nath, Video Editor, Barrackpore
  643. Suman Noskar, JRF-Chemistry, Shyamnagar
  644. Mayurakshi Sen, Actor/ Researcher
  645. Mamud Alam, Journalism and mass comm. student
  646. Banamali Sarkar, Editor, Kolkata
  647. Urbi Bhattacharya, Actor, Kolkata
  648. Sagnik Sinhamahapatra, Student
  649. Maharghya Chakraborty, St Xavier’s College, Kolkata
  650. Someswar Bhowmik, Kolkata
  651. Sourav Mukherjee, Visual Artist – Kolkata
  652. Kaushik Chakraborty, Editor
  653. Sumita Beethi, queer feminist activist, Kolkata
  654. Arpan Singha, Student
  655. Sudeshna Roy, Filmmaker, Kolkata
  656. Sayak Bhattacharya, Cinematographer, Bombay
  657. Titas Dutta, Theatre Maker, Actor, Arts Manager, Kolkata
  658. Mom Bhattacharya, Theatre Practitioner, Visual Artist, Kolkata
  659. Baishali Bose, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  660. Ratul Ghosh, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  661. Shruti Ghosh, Theatre Practitioner, Dancer, Trainer, Kolkata
  662. Gargi Banerjee, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  663. Panchali Kar, Theatre Practitioner, Gender Activist, Kolkata
  664. Sutapa Chatterjee, Theatre Practitioner, Actor, Kolkata
  665. Sritama Chattopadhyay, Theatre Practitioner, Actor, Kolkata
  666. Sayani Majumder, Theatre Practitioner, Actor, Kolkata
  667. Sourami Mukherjee, Theatre Practitioner, Performing Artist, Kolkata
  668. Subhojit Das, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  669. Hasibur Rahman Khan, Theatre Practitioner, Musician, Dhaka
  670. Ranjit Chettur: Photographer/filmmaker jumpcut pictures, Bangalore
  671. Abdur Rahim Qazi: Festival Curator  Imagine India IFF Madrid
  672. Hasina khan, Feminist activist and Researcher
  673. Madhurima Barua, Film Society activist, Guwahati.
  674. Titas Dutta, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  675. Shruti Ghosh, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  676. Mom Bhattacharya, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  677. Sarmistha Dutta Roy. Professor. Kolkata
  678. Panchali Kar, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  679. Baishali Bose, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  680. Hasibur Rahman Khan, Theatre Practitioner, Dhaka.
  681. Sutapa Chatterjee, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  682. Sritama Chattopadhyay, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  683. Sayani Majumder, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  684. Ratul Ghosh, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  685. Madhulika jalali, filmmaker, Mumbai
  686. Sourami Mukherjee, Performing Artist, Kolkata
  687. Amrita H, Independant Researcher, Research Consultant, Kolkata
  688. Sankar Pal, Film Activist, Kolkata
  689. D Ganguly, Film Activities, Ashoknagar, WB
  690. Dakxin Chhara, Filmmaker, Ahmedabad
  691. Kolika Mitra, Social science researcher, Queer rights activist
  692. Swapnil Chowdhury, Student, Kolkata
  693. Nasima, Research scholar, Kolkata
  694. Koel Chatterji, Social Activist, Kolkata
  695. Subhojit Das, Theatre Practitioner, Kolkata
  696. Sam, Service, kolkata
  697. Preeti Mehra, journalist, Delhi
  698. Rudra Kishore Mandal, Artist, Kolkata
  699. Nandini Dhar, Writer, Kolkata
  700. Labanya, Student, Kolkata
  701. Pamela Philipose Journalist New Delhi
  702. Solanki Chakraborty, Cinematographer, Mumbai
  703. Solanki Chakraborty, Cinematographer, Mumbai
  704. Alekho Dey, Visual Artist, Kolkata
  705. Sayantani Upadhaya, writer, Kolkata
  706. Tirna, PhD scholar, Delhi
  707. Debanjan Mahapatra, Student, Delhi
  708. Rini Dasgupta, Research Scholar, Delhi
  709. Akriti Rastogi, PhD candidate, Delhi
  710. Archana Ghangrekar, Cinematographer, Mumbai
  711. Antara Dev Sen, Delhi
  712. Sonia C, Student, Cuttack
  713. Gita retired Trivandrum
  714. Apeksha Priyadarshini, Ph.D Scholar, Cinema Studies, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU New Delhi
  715. Ritaban Ghosh, Artist, Delhi
  716. Prem Koul, Multimedia Producer, Indore
  717. Payal Kapadia, filmmaker, Mumbai
  718. Sangita Pal,  Entrepreneur, Mumbai
  719. Sankar Prasad Jana, Student, Berhampur Odisha
  720. Shreya , Writer , Kolkata
  721. Somdatta De, Content writer, Delhi
  722. Krishnakant Lahangir, PhD Research Scholar ( AICH &A), Bargarh Odisha 
  723. Lakshmi k, retired researcher, bangalore
  724. Ishani Roy, cinematographer, London/Mumbai
  725. Yasoswini, Student, Berhampur
  726. Dinesh Parida, PhD Scholar, Indore
  727. Monalisa Mahapatra, student, bhubaneswar
  728. Varnali Acharya, Researcher, Hyderabad
  729. Almas, student,Kerala Thrissur
  730. Ayush Sahoo , Student, Cuttack
  731. Mohammad,sambhaavnaa,palampur
  732. Ana Catarina Pinheiro, 3d artist, Lisbon
  733. Anushka, Student, Cittack
  734. Suba, Student filmmaker,Kolkata
  735. Harshvardhan, pre-sales manager, gurgaon
  736. Syamantak Sahoo, Postgraduate student, Hyderabad/Bhubaneswar
  737. Pragya Basak, Student, NOIDA
  738. Ishita Datta, freelance cinematographer, Kolkata
  739. Koushik, Service, Kolkata
  740. Ananya Parikh, academic, Pune
  741. Sunil, student, Bangalore
  742. Jabeen Merchant, Film Editor, Mumbai
  743. Betha L G R Manjunath Raj, Student, Berhampur
  744. Roy filmmaker mumbai
  745. Sriyanka Ray, Filmmaker, New York City
  746. Princy Pal, filmmaker, Delhi
  747. Indranil Bhowmick, Kolkata (Calcutta)
  748. Sougata Mukherjee. Write. Kolkata.
  749. Ankur Baruri, engineer, Port Blair
  750. Sanghamitra Thakur, Librarian, Baidyabati
  751. Suhasini Spocko Mukherjee, Psychology student and freelance artist, West Bengal
  752. Nabanita Majumdar, Retired teacher, Barrackpore
  753. Sabarna Roy, Author, Engineer, climate activist, Bengaluru
  754. Tirthankar Mittra, Actor, Kolkata
  755. Dr. Amitranjan Basu, Researcher, Primary Care Psychiatrist
  756. Usri Basistha, MHP & Writer, Howrah
  757. Bikash Chandra Mandal, Teacher, Photographer
  758. ​​Sharmy Pandey, filmmaker, Kolkata
  759. Nilanjan Ganguly, theatre practitioner, Kolkata
  760. Sayaree Gupta, IT professional,  Kolkata
  761. Arindam Bhattacharjee, cinematographer
  762. Debabrata Ghosh, cinematographer
  763. Sanjay Sen, artist
  764. Soumyadip Maity, citizen of India
  765. Subinoy Das, filmmaker photographer, New Delhi
  766. Sauvik Kundu, filmmaker
  767. Dipan Mahapatra, theatre worker
  768. Raja Chatterjee, Film Director
  769. Soumyajit Das, film enthusiast
  770. Akash Ghoshal, actor, theatre practitioner
  771. Lipika Das, Social Worker
  772. Arindam Sardar, Director and editor
  773. Pratyay Mukherjee,  computer scientist, film enthusiast
  774. Subham Nandi, actor,  theatre practitioner
  775. Madhuri Routh, sports camera person, Kolkata
  776. Arpan bandhu Majumder, artist
  777. Swapnil Azad, cinephile, educator
  778. Komal Nishad, performing artist, Kolkata
  779. Ayananshu Banerjee,  technology consultant,  filmmaker
  780. Mrittika Mukherjee,  student
  781. Manas Bhattacharyya, cinematographer
  782. Sampa Banerjee,  singer
  783. Somalika Pramanik, student
  784. Suravi Tarafdar, filmmaker,  film enthusiast
  785. Soumabha, cinema enthusiast
  786. Arnab Nandy, engineer, Kolkata
  787. Gopal Chakroborty, Kolkata
  788. Shrabasti Das, student
  789. Soumik Pahari, student
  790. Sanjib Banerji, writer
  791. Somnath Chakraborty,  teacher
  792. Debsenapawti Knowndy, author
  793. Anirban Deb, writer, director,  editor
  794. Angshuman Dutta, student
  795. Tista Roychowdhury, Kolkata 
  796. Karthik Hebbar, Musician, Writer, Bangalore
  797. Ashley Tellis, Academic, Journalist, Delhi
  798. Moushumi Bhowmik, Singer, Writer, Kolkata
  799. Nandini Kundu, Creative Consultant, Mumbai
  800. Aarti Wani, film scholar, Pune
  801. Shreya Poddar, Student, Kolkata
  802. Antariksha Sharma
  803. Raktim Chakraborty, Film & AV Editor, Kolkata
  804. Sanchali Mukherjee, Cinematographer, Kolkata
  805. Sarwar, Student, Kolkata
  806. Akashneel Ghatak,FIR
  807. Subha, secretary Film Society Ravenshaw, Cuttack
  808. Mohammad Faisal Noor, Actor, Cuttack
  809. Swati Swagatika Naik, Student, Cuttack
  810. Sushree Rajlaxmi, student, Cuttack
  811. Uzma Asfar, Student, Cuttack
  812. Shilpi Gulati, Filmmaker and Academic, Mumbai
  813. Anmol Lakra, Student
  814. Gyanesu Jena, Student, Cuttack
  815. Siba Prasad Nayak, student, Bhubaneswar 
  816. Radha Rh, writer-designer
  817. Ronojoy Banerjee, PhD, IDSK
  818. Sumit Kanti Ghosh, Researcher, Kolkata
  819. Aditi Majumder, Script Writer, Kolkata
  820. Kaushik Banerjee, Script Writer, Director
  821. Avisek Tunga, Assistant Professor
  822. Ahmed Karim, Theatre Actor
  823. Abhishek Majumder, Engineer
  824. Soham Dutta Gupta, Content Writer 
  825. Sourav Mondal, Student
  826. Sukanya Dutta, Howrah
  827. Trina Nileena Banerjee, Kolkata
  828. Akash Waghmare, writer, Mumbai
  829. Saswat Mohanty, Lawyer, Cuttack
  830. Nishikant Murmu,student,cuttack
  831. Santosh Kumar Behera, Copywriter and Brand Strategist, Bhubaneswar 
  832. Pritam, Student, Cuttack
  833. Sankalp Tanay Jena, Student, Cuttack
  834. Md Mushahid Khan, Management Director at Cresigners, Cuttack
  835. Nivedita Behera, UG student, Cuttack 
  836. Koyel Majumder, Marketing Strategist, Bangalore 
  837. Cauvery Chauhan, Student at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack.
  838. Nikitha Priyadarsini,Student, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack 
  839. Sweta Das, Student, Cuttack
  840. Samuchit Nayak, Student, Bhubaneswar 
  841. Aditya, Student, Bhubaneswar 
  842. Shubham Gopal, Software Developer, Pune
  843. Saurabh Kumar, Mumbai based documentary filmmaker 
  844. Sandip Roy, writer, Kolkata
  845. Sanket Prasad, student, Cuttack
  846. Aparna Mishra   Student Cuttack 
  847. Amit Basu, Kolkata
  848. Tista Das, Kolkata
  849. Pramod Gupta, Kolkata
  850. Surbhi Dewan, Filmmaker, Delhi
  851. Tanushree Ghosh, Journalist, Noida
  852. Sriya Bini
  853. Megha Maitreyi, Student, Cuttack
  854. Harsha Sankar S H , Phd student, Berhampur
  855. Ankita Debnath, Film student, kolkata
  856. Subhransu Dash, Student UG 2nd year English honours, Cuttack
  857. Swaralipi, Entrepreneur, Actor, Kolkata
  858. Ishaan Das, Kolkata
  859. Saron Datta, Film Technician, Kolkata
  860. Sudeshna Guha, Kolkata
  861. Shalini Mitra, Kolkata
  862. Dyuti Mukherjee, Kolkata
  863. Mithun Narayan Bose, Teacher
  864. Sreja Kundu, Student
  865. Anwar Hossain, Doctor
  866. Prabir Bera, Kolkata
  867. Asim Kumar Sahu, Teacher
  868. Kanishka Sarkar, Artist/Musician, World
  869. Anirban Sadhu, Cinematographer, Professor, New Delhi
  870. Jitanshu Sharma, Independent Filmmaker & Guest Lecturer
  871. SudipSahoo, Kolkata
  872. Saikat Chowdhury, Singer
  873. Debattam Gayen, Kolkata
  874. Chandrima Das, Journalist
  875. Kalyan Bhowmick, Kolkata
  876. Sanjay Sinha, Engineer
  877. Tamal, Voice Over Artist
  878. Sagnik Mukherjee, Student
  879. Aritra Goswami, Kolkata
  880. Prodyot Chatterjee, Kolkata
  881. Romit Ganguly, Cinematographer
  882. Deborati Maitra, Actor
  883. Sourav Mandal, Student
  884. Rajdeep Bose, Director
  885. Tuhin, Engineer
  886.  Abhimanyu Bandyopadhyay, Journalist, Musician, Kolkata
  887. Surajit Poddar, Writer
  888. Bhuban Chatterjee, Concept designer

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